A varity of acting classes from group sessions to private session.



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​Deloris Madison Productions

You Are Good Enough!


Our mission is to provide the community with positive performances through plays, skits, acting courses and sessions. We want to be the stepping stone for individuals looking to get into the acting industry. Our goal is to deliver stage plays and skits that leave the audience in a satisfying feeling of joy, happiness and understanding towards a situation they may be in or see others in. Our mission is to make dreams come true!


We work with many non- profit organizations. Providing them with skits, donations and more. If you have a non-profit you want us to connect with email us detail information.

What We Do!

Stage Plays- written/ directed/produced by our owner Deloris Madison

Host events- parties, corporate events and more. We bring characters to life!

Deloris Madison Production is a family orientated production. We cater to bringing positive, exciting entertainment to the community!